Monday, March 19, 2012

Tool 9

I think the important thing here is to understand that technology can help students think outside of the “Box”. It gives them a new and exciting way to process information. When technology can be connect to the purpose of the lesson exciting things can happen

If we do not hold students accountable in regards to technology then technology becomes nothing more than a toy. Production is the key and by using technology to reinforce learning.

I went to all of the interactive websites and could not find one that dealt with CTE. We could challenge the students to replicate one of the applications using the application we work in everyday.

I have the students check out and in the device so that we keep the device at it optimal's usage for as long as possible.

If we ever get one we could set up different station that could review students for test. The Cashman Series has and on line learning that you could set flash cards up on one and games such as “Who wants to be a Genious” and “Wheel of Terms”.

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